Feb 17, 2017

Gallery Module

The Gallery module allows you to create a variety of image galleries and slideshows. This module includes a LOT of customization options so in most cases we can take care of the initial template setup for you. While you have full access to the template setups, they do require an expert knowledge of HTML, CSS and javascript to configure properly.

Default view after logging it

This is the default view after logging in. The Gallery is located under "Content" either on the left hand side of the screen or in the center well.

Listing available galleries

Opening Gallery will reveal a list of gallery directories that already exist on your site. The "Tag To Display" column is what gets plugged into your content pages in Content Manager where you want your gallery to display. In most cases we will already have done this for you. You can click on the Gallery Title to add or edit pictures in that particular gallery.

Creating a new gallery

If you click "Add subgallery" you will see this view. This allows you to create a new gallery directory. We have many template options available to display the Title and Comment fields on the site if desired, or they can simply be hidden (like in a slideshow for example).

Editing a gallery

Clicking into an existing gallery will allow you to edit, reorder, add images or add descriptions for each individual image.If you click Upload Images, you will be prompted to select images from your computer to upload into this particular gallery.

Editing a gallery

If you want both titles and descriptions to show, those fields are available to you here as well. You can drag and drop the rows in this view if you would like to reorder your images.

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