Feb 2, 2017

Adding a News Article to CMS Made Simple

Quick tutorial on posting a simple article.

Posting a News Article

The News Module is a default module installation on all CMS Made Simple websites. It's purpose is to facilitate posting news articles or blog-like posting to your website.

Once you have logged into your CMS Made Simple site, it is found under the "Content Submenu".


Listing Articles

Once you click on "News" a list of articles will be presented to you. The View Filter button will allow you to filter the view based on category so if it appears that some of your articles are missing, click that button to see if a filter is applied and you can reset it to restore your list view to show all articles.


Article Entry Fields

  • Begin by giving your article a title. This should be one line, catchy and describe the content.
  • The SUMMARY field is what will show up in your main article list view. This also becomes the data that gets posted to Facebook and shows up as your page description for Google so it should be descriptive but to the point.
  • The CONTENT field holds all the details of the post.
  • the STATUS dropdown can be selected to either Published or Draft. Set to Draft if you do not what the article to appear on the site yet.
  • You can disregard the URL (slug) and Extra fields for a default installation
  • The Post Date field in combination with the "Use Expiration Date" checkbox allow you to schedule when the article will appear and optionally, when the article will expire if you choose to use the Use Expiration Date Option.
  • Finally, you can choose a Photo or other media to upload into the body of your story.


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